Alex Smith Is The Starter, According To Andy Reid


The Kansas City Chiefs introduced QB Alex Smith to the media today out at Arrowhead Stadium and head coach Andy Reid did not hold back in declaring Smith his guy.

As some questions about the future of former Chiefs starter Matt Cassel were thrown out by the media, someone asked Reid about whether or not Smith might see any competition from recently acquired former New Orleans Saints QB Chase Daniel.

“I’m going to speak with a little bit of a forked tongue here,” said Reid. “I’m gonna tell you, every position we try to present competition because we think that brings out the greatness in the player. I just think that makes you a better football team. But I’ll tell you, Alex is, he is the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs.”

Some folks had questions just what KC’s plans were for Chase Daniel in the wake of the information being released that Daniel’s contract is fairly generous as far as backup QBs is concerned. Still, the Chiefs gave up a very high draft pick (possibly two) to acquire Smith and there isn’t a chance, at least at first, that he won’t be starting when the season kicks off next September.

For Smith it was probably nice to hear Reid declare him “the guy.” Smith was having a terrific season in San Francisco when he was injured and eventually replaced by his own backup in Colin Kaepernick.

So for better or worse, Addicts, Alex Smith is our guy. Let’s get behind him.