Geno Smith Favorite To Be Drafted By Kansas City Chiefs, According To Report


Kansas City Chiefs fans hoping the team selects QB Geno Smith with the #1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft may have just gotten a glimmer of hope.

Walter Football is reporting that a sources close to the Chiefs claims that Smith is currently the favorite to be taken in the first round by the club.

Here is the report:

"4. My Chiefs’ source, who has a high success rate of delivering Kansas City’s first-round picks, told me Smith is currently the favorite to go No. 1 overall, but conceded that it’s still too early in the process. He said that the combination of Joeckel and Tyler Wilson is also a strong possibility."

This all makes sense to me, whether it is true or not. Andy Reid and John Dorsey are smart enough to know how badly they need a QB in Kansas City. Don’t let all this best player available talk freak you out. These guys owe their success to Donovan McNabb, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. They know how important a QB is.

Smith is clearly the best QB in the draft. At this point, that doesn’t even seem to be up for debate. A Joeckel/ Wilson combination could work as well but I just don’t see that happening, for a couple of reasons.

The Chiefs would have to be absolutely sure they could land Wilson either by trading back into the first round or with their pick in the second. That is just too big of a gamble when talking about the most important position on the team. Matt Barkley is almost certain to go int he first round as well and history tells us that some team very well may reach for Wilson in round one. If that were to happen, the Chiefs would be left out in the cold.

In the end, I think the Chiefs will take the guarantee and select their QB. Tackle is important but if the team is wise, they will re-sign Branden Albert and see if they can continue the development of Donald Stephenson. Eric Winston is still on the roster so the position should be fairly stable, at least for a couple of years.

Finally, teams don’t need to be drafting #1 overall to find a quality tackle in the draft. KC is in much better shape at that position, even if Albert leaves, than they are at QB.

With the Super Bowl this weekend, draft rumors will be swirling like crazy in the coming weeks. We’ll see a dip in that for free agency in March and then things will pick back up again.

Hang tight. It’s going to be a pretty wild ride.