The Chiefs’ Agents of Change



Last week, we took a look at current Chiefs players who are free agents this year. This week, as we continue to work our way towards the draft, let’s look at potential free agent pickups.

Our needs, in approximate order, are:

  • Quarterback
  • Defensive end
  • Wide receiver
  • Safety
  • Cornerback
  • Offensive line depth

Now my theory on free agents is that you are generally looking for a 3-4 year starter, and more often than not, are looking for good value. In other words, it’s rare that you get a superstar through free agency like a Priest Holmes, a Drew Brees or Deion Sanders.

Given our needs, here are a few options for our 2013 Kansas City Chiefs.

At quarterback, there are plenty of potential trade options, including Alex Smith, Matt Flynn and Nick Foles. With free agents, not so much. The top free agent quarterbacks are Joe Flacco, Jason Campbell, Tarvaris Jackson, Matt Moore, Drew Stanton and Seneca Wallace. No thank you. With the exception of Flacco, who will be very unavailable, we should pass here on QB free agents.

At defensive end, the free agent cupboard is almost bare, except for Henry Melton with the Bears. He was a high performing player this year, but may be free if Chicago switches its defense with a new coaching regime in. He’d be a steal and possibly a great replacement for Glenn Dorsey and/or Tyson Jackson, depending on how much Dorsey is going to ask, now that he is a free agent, or whether Jackson would want to restructure his contracts to be more competitive.

Wide receiver is pretty interesting in terms of free agents. We know from experience that rookies take a long time to develop. This year, Mike Wallace from the Steelers and Greg Jennings from the Packers are free agents. I’m inclined toward Jennings, for some veteran, championship-caliber production and leadership. Plus, I kinda like those Old Spice commercials. Oh, and Jennings is fast. Real fast.

At safety, I think we go after Ed Reed. Okay, I know, Reed hasn’t performed well in the postseason. But his leadership would really help out this Chiefs team as we go from a loser mentality to a championship mentality. Plus, can you imagine Berry and Reed in the same defense? Berry would learn so much, and Reed would raise everyone’s level of play. Reed would be like Mike Vrabel but able to run still. Not a bad combination.

The cornerback position is pretty thin with this year’s free agents. If Atlanta decides to release Brent Grimes, I think we go after him. Grimes was good enough to go the Pro Bowl in 2010. Ironically, he suffered a season ending Achilles tendon injury against the Chiefs in early 2012, but he’d be a welcome addition to our depleted secondary (I will always call our secondary “depleted” until we truly make up for the loss of Brandon Carr).

Overall, my free agency pickups would be, in order of priority:

1. Ed Reed, safety: veteran leadership and a win-now attitude or critical for our Chiefs.
2. Greg Jennings, wide receiver: Bowe and Jennings – I’m salivating already.
3. Brent Grimes, cornerback: Grimes would be what Routt was supposed to be.

Who do you think we should pick up in free agency, Addicts?!!