Welcome To Kansas City, Coach Reid! You’re Gonna Love It Here!


Well we finally did it! We hired a coach proven to win! And he isn’t 82 years old either.

Andy Reid is in the prime of his NFL butt kickin’ years.

Perhaps the most astonishing part of this move is the money that the Chiefs shelled out to get the guy.

It certainly appears it’s the dawning of a new era in Kansas City.

Time will tell. Its certain that overwhelmingly Kansas City Chiefs fans like the move.

But will our new coach like Kansas City?

I’m not worried.

We have the best fans in Kansas City. Andy has to know that.

And of course the best stadium. Arrowhead, though one of the oldest, is still the best.

For one thing its HUGE. Still in the top five in seating capacity. In one of the smallest venues in the NFL. And the cheapest tickets.

We have the best tailgating by far.

Those who have not smelled the smells and heard the music of the Arrowhead parking lot on a warm September Sunday afternoon, need to change that status. And 2013 is going to be a great season to experience it!

But what about the city itself?

Same deal. The BBQ in KC is unmatched anywhere in the world.

Jazz and blues bars, better than Memphis or New Orleans. I know, I’m a self proclaimed expert in these areas as well.

The climate can seem cold but its downright balmy compared to what the Vikings and Packers fans grumble through year after year.

When it comes to fishing and hunting, Missouri is a virtual sportsmans paradise.

And what about pro sports in general? Two Major League Baseball teams, two NFL teams… even the NHL has a presence in good old Missouri.

All that within a days’ drive of anywhere in the state.

Cost of living? Sure times are tough, but try and scratch out a living in venues like any of the other AFC West teams. You won’t do much better than good old Missouri.

Cheerleaders? We have the hottest in the NFL hands down. And the nicest too.

Fan loyalty? None better. I was astonished at the number of fans that showed up for the home season ending Colts matchup. Before any team changes were even announced.

But be careful Coach. Don’t let us down.

Pioli, Haley, Edwards, even poor Romeo found out the hard way that Kansas City fans mean business.

Screw up, and you’re liable to see your name being dragged behind an airplane on game day.

Yes, Coach, you’re gonna love Kansas City. Kansas City Chiefs fans sure do!