When Everything Is Gone, Anything Goes In Kansas City!


One thing I can tell you about the 2012 Kansas City Chiefs season is I did not see this mess coming. We were looking good in my opinion. Romeo had showed us that he could lead the team to a win over a powerhouse like Green Bay. Pioli seemed to finally be making the right personel choices. And we had Matt Cassel, a quarterback who may not be the best in the league but showed us that he could lead a team to a Division championship.

Then things began to unravel.

And so we close the season with a stupid home loss to the Colts and a final game we have no chance of winning.

What is an Arrowhead Adventurer to do?

I’ll admit, I have been experiencing a pretty serious case of the Kansas City Chiefs depression that is going around.

Sure, I had a fun time at the game with my buddies and the good old Chiefs bus we cruise up to the stadium in.

But the bitterly cold day and the bitter loss to the Colts just seemed to be the final nail in the coffin of the corpse we shall refer to at the 2012 Kansas City Chiefs season.

What is a die hard Kansas City Chiefs fan to do?

Get over it!

This offseason should be much more entertaining than any since the season we fired Carl Peterson, Herm Edwards, and everyone associated with them.

I am predicting we shall clean house, all the way from the front office down.

Change is not always good, as we saw from the results of the last house cleaning. But it can turn out to be a blessing for sure, and with the right moves, exciting to see.

What to do in the meantime?

1. Get out a piece of paper and a pencil, and plot the future of the team as you see it. Send it to Clark Hunt at One, Arrowhead Drive.

2. Take advantage of the fire sale on Chiefs clothing you should see very soon. Incredible deals will be had in your local stores on gear that nobody wants. You are a lifelong Chiefs fan, so you will always need it.

3. Patrick just figured out our opponents for 2013. Focus on their strengths and weaknesses and predict our successes and failures for 2013.

4. Figure out which games you wish to see in person, or at least plan a party around. Plan who you will invite or attend with.

5. If it is in your budget, plan an away game trip. For displaced KC fans, see if there is an away game near you.

6. If  you are having major problems with depression over this season, try to focus on something else. I’m a die hard fan all the way, but I also like to fish, hunt, and tinker with old outboard motors. Even your Arrowhead Adventurer needs a break.

7. Season ticket holders, consider fixing up an old bus or RV for tailgating. Better yet, buy one that somebody has invested a ton in already, and lost interest in. There are some fantastic deals out there; check Craigslist. I’m talking $2000 or less.

8. Go to Arrowhead Addict daily, hourly, whatever your schedule. You need us during these difficult times and we need you.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the coolest team in the NFL. Our fans are the best. Arrowhead Stadium is AWESOME! We have the best tailgating, the best food, and the best cheerleaders in the NFL. And we always will.

It was a tough year. Hang in there. Good things are in store for 2013!