Jovan Belcher: Making Sense Of A Senseless Act


It is a terrible morning in Kansas City.

Yesterday, when the news that something was happening at Arrowhead, we were scrambling to compile as  much information for you all as possible. From that point on I was working for hours doing various posts around the site. It wasn’t until later that I had time to sit down and really let the reality of what happened yesterday sink in.

Looking at the pictures of Jovan and his victim, Kasandra Perkins, it is hard to imagine that what happened yesterday is real. Looking at pictures of Jovan, Kasandra and their three-month old daughter, it makes your stomach turn.

There are so many people hurting from this right now. I can’t imagine what this must be like for Scott Piol, Romeo Crennel and the other team personnel that witnessed Belcher’s suicide. They will likely never be the same again.

For the players, they’re forced to simultaneously reconcile the death of a teammate and friend while also trying to understand how he could do such a terrible thing.

Then there is the child who will grow up knowing the reason she has no parents is because her father killed her mother and then himself.

As if today wasn’t difficult enough for everyone involved, the Chiefs will play a football game today against the Carolina Panthers. We are likely to see one of the most charged atmospheres in the history of Arrowhead Stadium.  While I think we could all care less about football considering what happened, I suppose all we can hope for is that today is the beginning of the healing process for all involved.