2013 NFL Mock Draft: The Kansas City Chiefs Select…



The first FanSided 2013 NFL Mock Draft of the year has been released.

The folks over at FanSided.com will be releasing weekly mock drafts right up until the big day in April. While it may seem a little early for mocks, for fans of teams like the Chiefs that are out of the running for the playoffs, it is pretty much all we have.

The draft boards are sure to change a lot over the coming weeks so it will be fun to track all the players the Chiefs take in these mocks.

Let’s get to it.

With the first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select:

Mat Barkley, QB, USC

"The Chiefs are in serious need of rebuilding and that all starts, as we’ve seen in the past, with a franchise quarterback. The Falcons drafted Matt Ryan to rebuild, Detroit took Matthew Stafford and both have been to the playoffs not long after making those selections. The Chiefs are far from being playoff worthy in the near future but they need a leader and Barkley is their best shot."

I partly agree. The Chiefs certainly need a franchise QB but I am not sure the roster needs to be totally re-built. In fact, I think blowing things up would be a mistake.

Now, on the pick.

Barkley hasn’t had that great of a season but he is still considered one of the top two QBs in this coming class. Right now it seems to be between Barkley and West Virginia’s Geno Smith.

I have to say, I am weary of another USC QB with questionable arm strength. I’d say at the moment, I’m leaning towards Smith.

I will say this. Whatever your thoughts on Barkley or Smith, in my opinion, the Chiefs have got to take one of them and they need to do it with the #1 pick if they do indeed have it.

Unless some dark horse candidate shoots up draft boards, these two QBs have the best chance of developing into franchise guys.

I’m going to be bullish on the QB position this offseason. Last year I said the Chiefs needed to trade whatever it took to move up to secure RG3. I was mocked and many a draft expert explained to me that giving up so many draft picks would be foolish.

Baloney. I thought it was crap then and I do now.

What has Jalil Brown done for you lately? What about Tyson Jackson? Colin Brown? Devon Wylie? Dexter McCluster?

I’d trade all of those guys and more for RG3. Hell, I’d trade Eric Berry for RG3. Tamba Hali. Justin Houston. Not all of them but one of them certainly.

It is time to face facts. The Chiefs aren’t going anywhere without a QB. All the draft picks in the world aren’t going to help.

KC’s GM, whomever it might be come draft time, needs to take the best QB available wherever the Chiefs pick in the first round. There is no such thing for reaching on a franchise QB. The Chiefs also might want to consider drafting two QBs this April. Just to be on the safe side.

There are no guarantees with QBs regardless of where you take them. But if you don’t take any QBs, I can guarantee your chances of winning a Super Bowl are almost 0.

So right now the pick is Barkley. What do you guys think?

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