Chiefs Fan With Glass Eye Featured On NFL AM


Yesterday we brought you an exclusive story about Steve Graham, a Pomona, Kan. man who lost his eye in a dart accident about 40 years ago.

Steve went on to become a life-long Kansas City Chiefs fan. About 10 years ago, at the suggestion of his doctor, Steve had a custom-made Kansas City Chiefs glass eye made.

Steve reached out to FanSided on Wednesday wanting to know where he could send in an awesome Chiefs picture.

We get all kinds of emails and requests from fans. Folks submit some pretty amazing Photoshop art work, and I figured this was just another fan art project. You know, a Peyton Hillis picture modified to make the RB look like Bane from Batman or a drawing of Tamba Hali ripping Peyton Manning’s head from his neck. The usual.

We had a pretty good idea that this story might take off but even we weren’t prepared for it to become as popular as it has. Steve’s picture has been spreading at a rapid pace. He’s already been featured on Deadspin, Yahoo! Sports and Bleacher Report.

Then last night, I got contacted by the folks at NFL Network. They wanted to talk about Steve’s picture on the air today on their new morning show, NFL AM, which let me tell you, sure does beat tuning in to the Today Show.

Anyway, I captured the brief segment where they showed the photo. They even mention a certain prestigious Chiefs blog. Check it out!