Report: Dwayne Bowe, Chiefs Agree To Terms


According to KMBC 9 News in Kansas City, Dwayne Bowe and the Kansas City Chiefs have finally agreed to terms.

The news was tweeted out by a camera man but the story has already been picked up by and Pro Football Talk. Still, nothing is official until the Chiefs confirm the signing. Chris Mortenson of ESPN has said he hasn’t heard anything concrete yet but that he is aware of the local reports.

If Bowe has signed, it can only be for one year. The tender offered to him by the Chiefs was about $9.5 million. While Bowe can only play on a one-year deal, it is possible that the Chiefs and Bowe could have worked out additional details. The original tender is the least amount the Chiefs could pay Bowe so it is possible that his staying away was a ploy to get himself more money this season. It is also possible that incentives were added to the deal. Bowe is still eligible to be franchised again so it may be possible that his camp wanted a stipulation added to the deal that the Chiefs would not use the tag on him again after this season.

Regardless, it appears Bowe’s return is imminent. We may even see him on the sidelines tonight with his teammates.