Want To Write For Arrowhead Addict?


Arrowhead Addict is looking to add a weekly contributors to our awesome stable of writers.

AA staff members are expected to contribute one article per-week, every week, in the same time slot. This is an excellent opportunity for aspiring writers or Chiefs fans or Chiefs fans who are aspiring writers or Raiders fans looking to cleanse themselves by joining Chiefs Nation (just kidding, we won’t hire you until you spend at least five years in the service of the red and gold) to have their work read by the thousands of Chiefs fans who visit AA everyday.

In all seriousness, we are looking for very, very strong writers to join our team. Analysis, humor, satire, humorous satire and satirical analysis are all welcome. Please, no humorous analysis. We hate humorous analysis. Analysis is supposed to be boring.

If you are interested in joining the staff of the best Chiefs site on the web with “Addict” in the title and you would like to be called an idiot at least once a week by one of our commenters, please submit a writing sample (Chiefs related) to patrick.arrowheadaddict@gmail.com. If you have some money you are trying to get rid of and you aren’t a teller at a Nigerian bank (fool me once, shame on you…) please send it to me via PayPal to patrick.arrowheadaddict@gmail.com

We appreciate your interest (seriously) but we will only reach out to those applicants we are interested in. We’d like to talk to everyone but to be honest with you, we have dozens upon dozens of “Will Dontari Poe Be A Bust” articles to get written before training camp starts.

We look forward to reading your submissions (well, the good ones anyway) and please remember that style counts. If your submission looks like your cat walked across your keyboard while you were writing it, please double check your work.

Good luck everyone. Except for that guy right there. His stuff is going to suck.