Chiefs Held Private Workout For Ryan Tannehill In Kansas City


The Ryan Tannehill plot thickens.

The Kansas City Chiefs, who have been taking a hard look at all of the top QB’s in this year’s draft, apparently have taken a very hard look at Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill.

Check it, from’s Peter King:

I’m not surprised by this at all. It is pretty clear that the Chiefs know they are probably going to need a QB soon. Given that fact and given the possibility that Tannehill could be on the board when they pick at #11, the Chiefs should absolutely find out as much as they can about the QB.

This doesn’t mean the Chiefs are going to pick Tannehill, let alone fall in love with him and trade up to take him but it does signal that KC is very seriously considering changes at the QB position in the near future. That could mean 2012 but it could also mean 2013 as well.

He isn’t a popular pick among Chiefs fans, at least in the first round. Most seem to think Tannehill is a back end of the first, early second round prospect and don’t want the Chiefs to reach. It is unlikely that Tannehill will fall out of the first round but you might have said the same thing about Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen a couple of years back.

What do you think Addicts? Is it time to take Tannehill to KC seriously as a legit possibility? Or is this an elaborate draft smokescreen by Scott Pioli?

I for one think he only brought in Tannehill so he could secretly insert a tiny recorder somewhere in his body so that he could get some intenl on other teams’ plans when Tannehill goes to visit them.