Chiefs Had Bounty Program, According To Joe Horn


According Lee Zurik, former Kansas City Chiefs WR Joe Horn said the team had a bounty program for cart offs. Horn was with the Chiefs from ’96-99.

Horn also implicated the Atlanta Falcons, the team he finished his career with.

The Saints got hammered by the NFL today for their bounty program. Head coach Sean Payton was suspended for an entire year and the team was fined half a million dollars.

I don’t think the Chiefs have anything to worry about, considering how long ago this was. My guess is the NFL is making an example of the Saints here to prevent more of these kinds of things in the future. If the league starts going back and investigating every potential bounty story, they may never be able to stop. Various NFL players have said that these types of programs are present within every organization in some form or another. The Saints got nailed because the NFL found out about it and the team misled them and continued on with the program.

The NFL will now be making teams sign off that they have no such programs in place.