Celebrate With Guinness, Go To Ireland And Give Back To AA


As you guys have already heard me mention around the site a few times, the only thing I love more than the Kansas City Chiefs is an ice cold pint of Guinness.

Oh and my fiancé. Her too. She’s in there somewhere. #2 maybe.

Anyway. I figured now that I’ll be sleeping on the couch for the next week, I’d beg you one last time to support our site and our friends at Guinness by pledging to join the biggest St. Patrick’s Day party ever.

This is a great way for you to give back to Arrowhead Addict. It might even make me enough green to afford a Guinness on St. Pats.

Anyway, we really appreciate you reading AA and if you appreciate the work we do, please take two minutes and follow the instructions below. Costs nothing and you don’t have to give an email addy or anything. Just a first name and your zip.

1. Go to this link. Verify your age and then click “Count Me In.”

2. Throw in your name and zip and most importantly, enter the referral code ARRO. This is key so that Guinness knows you came from Arrowhead Addict! Don’t log in with FB or you can’t enter the referral code. 

3. After you enter, you get a certificate, and you can also enter for a chance to win a trip to Dublin. I might be there with you if enough of you sign up and enter the ARRO referral code.

Why do this? For one, because Guinness is awesome. AA doesn’t run itself, people, and if you enjoy reading the site, this is a great and easy way to give back a bit. Also, I highly recommend entering the contest to win a trip to Ireland. I’d love to hang with some fellow Addicts on the Emerald Isle.

We get a lot of “sponsored post” offers and we don’t do them all, especially if it is for a product we don’t support. Guinness is definitely one of those products and I am pretty sure I’ve been single-handedly keeping them in business since I reached the legal drinking age.

So drink responsibly and take the pledge (referral code ARRO) with Arrowhead Addict.