Just A Reminder


In light of Peyton Manning’s press conference, it behooves me to remind you that Arrowhead Addict was there first:

"It’s a  huge gamble.  But come March 2012, he will command a $28 million roster bonus for the worst team in the NFL.  The Colts, by this point, will have either the #1 or #2 pick, and their QB of choice (either Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III) will have been zeroed in on this point.  The rebuild will be commencing, and with an untradeable contract, Peyton Manning, once the face of the franchise, will be cut.Free agency starts right after this cut date, and at that point, Peyton Manning will be commanding a big pay day for an immediate contender.  The Chiefs have more pieces in place than any other team on the market for a Super Bowl run (excluding, perhaps, the Cowboys or Jets, should either team elect to make an incredibly unlikely run for him), and oh yeah, they have more cap space than any other team with Manning in their radar.Acquiring Manning wouldn’t prevent this team from pursuing its QB of the future, either.  This team will still end up with something like the 12th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.  It’s possible to use that pick on a franchise QB like Landry Jones or Ryan Tannehill who could use the next two to three years to sit out and let Manning do his thing.  By the time Manning’s window closes, we’ll have a supremely understudied QB of the future in the wings.The stars are aligning for history to repeat itself in Kansas City.  But ask yourself what this sport and what this team is worth to you if not a chance to do something so interesting, so immensely fun, and so incredibly aggressive as landing a Hall of Famer in his twilight years to finish off this roster.I’m ready for it.  Are you?"

Let’s do this thing.