Stanford Routt To Visit Chiefs Tomorrow


According to Jason La Canfora, former Oakland Raiders CB Stanford Routt is set to visit with the Chiefs tomorrow.

"Former Raiders CB Stanford Routt visiting BUF today, KC tomorrow and HOU, DAL and TEN later this week."

Routt can be signed at any time because he was released by the Raiders during this league year. Other free agents won’t hit the market until March 13th.

That means Routt can take his time. Since there aren’t really any other big name free agent CB’s on the market yet, he can visit with each team try to work the situation to his advantage. He’ll want to be signed before other CB’s hit the market and dilute his value, but he has plenty of time to ink a deal.

The fact that the Chiefs are meeting with Routt shows they are very serious about potentially singing him. It could just be an exploratory interview but still, the Chiefs have to know that Routt is going to want to be signed with a team before the other CB’s hit the market and dilute his value. That means the Chiefs have to at least be considering offering him a deal before the end of the league year. If that is the case, it could mean that negotiations with Brandon Carr are not going well.

Keep an eye on the site tomorrow. It is probably very unlikely that the Chiefs will sign Routt tomorrow but stranger things have happened.