Which AFC West Rival Do You Hate The Most?


Which AFC West rival do you hate the most?

It’s a fair question. I’m not not one for advocating hate between individuals but I am a firm believer in vicious hate between fans and the organizations that, year in and year out, stand in the way of the Chiefs getting to the playoffs.

The AFC West is an old division and for the fans, the rivalries run deep. For the players, however, the rivalries are more timely.

For instance, I grew up in Ohio in the 80s and early 90s. Back then, the big rivalry in the state was Browns vs. Steelers. I lived smack in the middle between Cleveland and Pittsburgh and the rivalry was intense. Back then, Browns vs. Steelers was still considered one of the great rivalries in the NFL. While that is still true in some circles, I think most would agree that the Steelers vs. Ravens (sadly, the Ravens should be the Browns) has now become more of an event within the division and the league.

As fans, we like to think these things never change. Many Browns fans will tell you they still only care about beating the Steelers. Steelers fans might say the same. There is a whole new generation of fans, however, who see the Browns as only a doormat on their team’s way to division clashes with the Ravens.

When a team falls on hard times, or starts dominating the division, the rivalries shift somewhat. Growing up a Chiefs fan, it was usually the Broncos, not Raiders, standing in KC’s way. So while I have a healthy dislike for the Raiders, there is a special place in my black heart for the Denver Broncos. That’s just they way it is. I’ll always be that way.

But what about you? When you think of the Chiefs’ biggest rival, which team leaps to mind first? The Raiders? The Broncos? Philip Rivers screaming like a bitch?

Or are you old school? The Seahawks?

The rivalries shift with the decades. Where are we now? Throw in a vote and elaborate in the comments.