Chiefs Could Find Their Offensive Coordinator This Week


The Kansas City Chiefs are likely to add a new offensive coordinator this offseason and the hire could come as soon as this week.

New head coach Romeo Crennel has now been on the job for a couple of weeks and presumably one of his first tasks is to put together his staff.

Since Crennel was promoted from within, it is likely that most of his defensive coaches will remain with the team. Crennel has already said he will call the defensive plays so the biggest shake up on that side of the ball could be a promotion of an assistant to “defensive coordinator,” to help out when Crennel is tending to his other head coaching duties.

Offense is where the big changes are expected. The departure of Todd Haley, a former offensive coordinator, means no job on the offensive coaching staff is likely safe. The Chiefs struggled mightily on offense last season so Crennel will likely want to shake things up.

There were reports that the Chiefs were planning to take their time with the search and that they may have planned to interview potential candidates at this weekend’s senior bowl.

Crennel may also have been waiting for a coach still working for one of the playoff teams. If that is the case, two more teams just got eliminated so Crennel can now ask permission to speak with any staff members from the 49ers or Ravens.

In any case, unless Crennel has his heart on a coach still with the Patriots or Giants, there is a good chance he’ll find his man this week. When we find out who the hire is, however, is another matter. There is a chance the Chiefs may try to keep the hire under wraps long enough to release all their staff changes at once, a tactic they seem to be fond of. Realistically I am guessing the news would leak out before that.

What do you think, Addicts? When will we find out who the new offensive coordinator will be? I’ll put $5 on Friday just before 5 p.m.