Chiefs Rebuffed Rams’ Crennel Interview Request, Says Report


The Kansas City Chiefs weren’t the only NFL team interested in Romeo Crennel as a head coaching option.

According to a report, so were the St. Louis Rams.

From St. Louis

"In addition, it was learned Thursday that the Rams requested permission to interview Kansas City defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel for the job early in their search process, but the Chiefs rebuffed them. Kansas City named Crennel their new head coach Monday."

My guess is that the Rams weren’t the only team calling to inquire about Crennel. Teams doing their due diligence in a coaching search would be fools to not at least want to interview a coach as talented as Crennel.

The Rams had to ask permission to speak with Crennel because he was still under contract with the Chiefs as their defensive coordinator. Had they attempted to speak with Crennel about their opening without the Chiefs’ permission, they would have opened themselves up to a possible tampering charge.

Smart move by the Chiefs not allowing Romeo to be wooed. Romeos are susceptible to being wooed.

Get it?

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