Chiefs To Draft A QB, According To Report


According to Eli Kaberon of Pro Football Weekly, the Kansas City Chiefs plan to bring Matt Cassel back as their starting QB in 2012 but also plan to draft a QB.

"However, the source stated that the Chiefs are expected to add a quarterback at some point during the offseason, likely in the draft. After Pioli saw the team crumble with Tyler Palko in the lineup, he would like a more reliable backup in case Cassel is hurt again. The team was hoping 2011 fifth-round pick Ricky Stanzi would be that player, but he hasn’t developed at the rate the team expected."

Kaberon reports that QB Kyle Orton is unlikely to return in order to seek out a team where he will have a better chance of landing a starting gig.

That is a bit of a contradiction to another report released today from Michael Lombardi of

According to Lombardi, the Chiefs plan to try to re-sign Orton so that he can compete with Cassel in training camp for the starting role.

"Speaking of Orton, the Chiefs will make an effort to sign him this offseason and bring him back for another year to compete with starter Matt Cassel. And staying in K.C. might be the best option for Orton if he wants to be a starter."

So which is it? Are the Chiefs going to role with Cassel/Orton or Cassel and a drafted QB to be named later?

My guess is that there is some truth to both these reports. The Chiefs likely will try to re-sigh Orton while selling him a bill of goods that he has a chance to win the starting job. However, if a team with a more pathetic QB situation calls for Orton’s services, he probably will bolt. I’d say if Cassel is coming back he has a 60-40 edge to start over Orton. If Orton gets a better deal, he’s gone.

If Orton won’t play ball and the Chiefs really are unhappy with Stanzi, then they will have to draft a QB. Unfortunately, if the plan is to draft a backup, that likely means the Chiefs won’t pursue a first-round QB. Both these reports seem to indicate that the Chiefs plan on going into 2012 with a veteran signal caller leading their offense, not a rookie first round pick.

What say you, Addicts? How is this all going to go down?