Robert Griffin III, The Option And The Future Of The Chiefs


It may be too early to proclaim Team Tebow a success. However, if the option-style offense that the Broncos are running becomes a trend, as the Wildcat has, then teams all across the league may not just be open and willing but, planning for this new offensive wave.

The timing couldn’t be better for the Chiefs. If you’ve spent any time at all watching Robert Griffin III (RG3, pictured on the left) then you can see he is Tebow on steroids (and that’s really not a fair comparison) and will likely be available when the Chiefs pick in late April.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

While Tim Tebow hasn’t proven yet that he can be the long-term answer at QB for the Denver Broncos he has certainly raised eyebrows around the league. This new found attention transcends the Tebow adoration foundation that has been in place since before he came out of Florida.

Yes, Tim Tebow can run the option and run the ball himself. He reads a defense… for the sake of the option… really well and can make split-second decisions about whether to keep the ball, hand it off or pitch it. The big question with Tebow is obviously… will he ever be able to throw the ball with any kind of accuracy?

What stands out about the option as a possibility for other NFL teams is the extra preparation it causes opposing defenses.

"“I think it’s just one more thing for people to prepare for. It’s not like we went out there and did a lot (Sunday) but it’s something you have to scheme for, you have to prepare for and you have to be sound.” ~ Tebow."

That’s all fine and good for the Broncos but, I’m still not sure that Tim Tebow will ever be a long term success, as a QB, in the NFL.

Now, if RG3 was running that offense, I can see it working. Robert Griffin is a world class athlete. I’ve never seen anyone like him. What I really mean by that is… I’ve never seen anyone as good as he is. Yes, Cam Newton, Michael Vick and Vince Young play “like” him but, none is in Griffin’s league. Not nearly.

Mind you, Griffin can play in the drop back passing game that most NFL teams require and I believe he won’t have any trouble making that transition. But, Robert Griffin can do so much more than that. Robert Griffin is so much more than that.

I’m sure many of you who haven’t seen RG3 play are leary. Especially by the very mention of Vick and Young, you may have already categorized him and that would be unfortunate. RG3 runs to win when a play has broken down. He doesn’t think run first. The play that won #22 Baylor the game over #5 Oklahoma, he ran to his left, set his feet again, then threw to his right, in the corner of the end zone. He could have just gone ahead and taken a 5-10 yard gain on a run to the left side of the field but that would have left the game up to a field goal kicker.

RG3 is smart. He can zip the ball with accuracy. He can pull up and loft the ball long with touch. His play fake is great and he had a TD in this game with a killer play fake. He’s a humble kid too. He gave his OL first credit when interviewed after the game.

Griffin does so many things well. He eludes the rush. He can throw on the run with accuracy. He knows how to extend a play and keep the passing play alive. He reads defenses and has a fantastic sense of anticipation.

Griffin is an AAU track and field gold medalist in the 110 and 400 meter hurdles. His recent awards (and award nominations) include:

  • 2010 Semifinalist for Maxwell Player
  • 2010 Semifinalist for Walter Campbell Player of the Year
  • 2010 Baylor’s Kyle Woods Inspirational Leader

RG3 graduated seventh in his class in high school. He already has a degree in Political Science from Baylor and also wants to go to law school. So, this guy has plenty of grey matter that doesn’t go to waste. One positive impression I have from his game against the Sooners is he kept an eye on the sidelines the whole time between each play. Even after they would send in a play, he’d keep a watch until just before the ball was snapped. He’s very in tune with the coaches.

He’s loyal too. Prior to his freshman year, when coach Art Briles, who had recruited him to the University of Houston was hired by Baylor, he changed his letter of intent to Baylor, too.

Griffin is also experienced. He’s been starting since his freshman year when he started 11 games.

Call it keeping up with the Joneses… Broncos in this case… or you can just say the Chiefs are staying ahead of the curve. Either way, Robert Griffin would make an incredible addition to the Chiefs roster.

I’ve watched Andrew Luck several times this year. Griffin twice. At this point, I’d take Griffin over Luck or Landry Jones. Funny thing is, I was tuning into that game to basically watch Jones, thinking it was going to be good that I’d get to see Griffin again. Well, Griffin blew the thing up. Boy was it good to see Griffin. He’s so good I could easily see him climbing up the draft board ahead of Jones, as well as Luck. I know Luck is supposed to be a future NFL QB god but Griffin has more intangibles and a higher ceiling.

RG3, JC, Breaston, Bowe, Baldwin, McCluster and Moeaki. It would be unstoppable. It would also solve all the OL problems because, the Chiefs wouldn’t need one. 🙂

Robert Griffin III is a National Football League standout waiting to happen. I hope he happens to the Chiefs.