Fantasy Football Advice For Week 10: Chiefs vs. Broncos


These lovely ladies above have some advice for you about today’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos.

I think they do anyway. When the one on the left was talking I was distracted and I couldn’t understand a damn word the one on the right said.

Anyway, if you are looking for some fantasy football advice about the players in today’s game you’ve come to the wrong place. Last week I tried to give some advice for the Chiefs, Dolphins game and it all turned out to be awful. I suggested starting the Chiefs defense and I think I might have even suggested using Matt Cassel if you were in a tight spot.

Actually, maybe I am really good at this. Just do the OPPOSITE of whatever I say. After the jump.

It is hard to recommend any of the Kansas City Chiefs simply based on how inconsistent they all are. If you catch the right guy on the right day, you can get some nice production out of them. The problem is identifying when that player will blow up.

I think the Chiefs are going to come out and play well today. Sure, they’re subjective to meltdowns but they also have demonstrated the ability to play well and get on a hot streak. This team seems to be able to put humiliating losses behind them and I think they will do just that today vs. the Broncos.

I am looking for WR Steve Breason to have a big day. With Champ Bailey on Dwayne Bowe, I expect Matt Cassel to shy away from his favorite target in favor of his new favorite target in Breaston. If you have Bowe on your roster his is a weekly must start but if you have some injuries at WR and you need a fill in, Breaston should be good for at least 7 points and maybe more if he can find the end zone.

I also like Jackie Battle today. The RB kind of got muscled out of last week’s game because the Chiefs fell behind so quickly. I don’t think that is going to happen this week so I expect Battle to get a healthy amount of touches. Remember, the Chiefs are still a run first team. If the game is close, they’ll likely hand it off 30+ times. Battle gets stronger as the game wears on so if the Chiefs can stay in it, expect a big 4th quarter from the Battle Axe.

For Denver, I like Tim Tebow a lot in this matchup. Not because I think he will wing the ball all over the field but because Romeo Crennel’s defense plays a bend but don’t break style of defense. Tebow and Willis MaGahee should be able to move the ball down the field and rack up the yards. If Tebow can get to the red zone, he is always a threat to score and I think he will.

I also like WR Eric Decker. Tebow really seems to like throwing to him and the Chiefs aren’t concerned with receivers racking up yards. The Chiefs will be focused on stopping the Denver running game while protecting against the big play. Tebow and the option will likely draw KC defenders toward the line of scrimmage and you can expect Tebow will find Decker a few times down field.

There you have it. That’s my fantasy advice for this week’s game. Use it if you dare.