NFL Power Rankings

facebooktwitterreddit has released their weekly NFL Power Rankings.

So where are the Chiefs? Surely they are on the ride, right? I mean they’ve won four straight games, the last two of which were against division opponents with winning records.

The Chiefs did move up in ESPN’s rankings from #21 last week to #18.

What is infuriating, however, is where the Chargers and Raiders are ranked.

Find out after the jump.

The Chargers took a big tumble this week, dropping from #9 to #15. I can understand the Chargers being ranked slightly higher than the Chiefs. After all, the CHargers have beat the Chiefs this year, and they do have the same record. But SD at #15 is way too high given their play lately. The Chargers have lost two straight, and the Chiefs have won four in a row. KC should probably be one slot ahead or behind SD.

Even more maddening is that the Oakland Raiders come in at #17! The Raiders may have the same record as the Chiefs but Kansas City is clearly the better team right now. Not to mention the fact that the Chiefs curb-stomped the Raiders just two weeks ago IN Oakland.

Come on, ESPN! The Raiders should be behind the Chiefs. No questions.

Ahhh, Power Rankings. They don’t matter but they make us crazy.

That’s ok. No set of ranks can ruin my mood today!

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