Chiefs Beat Chargers: Philip Rivers Fumble


I could watch this all day. Big props to Andy Studebaker for diving in there and digging out the ball.

There is also a lot of hilarious stuff happening in this video. I shall list them below.

Paddy’s List Of Awesome Things Happening In This Video

1. Rivers fumbling the snap

2. Rivers’ legs squirming in the pile as a bunch of heavy men fall on top of his head

3. Andy Studebaker diving on top of the pile and digging through at least three people to find the ball

4. #48 Reshard Langford literally grabbing Studebaker and plucking him from the pile once Studi yelled that he had the ball

More after the jump:

5. Brandon Carr throwing a Charger off of Studebaker once he heard Studi yelling that he had the ball

6. Studebaker running away from the pile with the ball while the refs still search for it.

7. Carr yanking on the refs arm and pointing at Studebaker to alert him that the ball has been recovered

8. The replay of Rivers fumbling the snap

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