Meet The Zombie Chiefs


By now it is well-known across NFL circles that the Kansas City Chiefs are the walking undead.

After three straight losses to begin the season, the Chiefs were thought dead and buried. Then QB Matt Cassel burst from the grave seeking touchdowns…and brains. He’s begun biting his teammates and now a hoard of zombies clad in red and gold are marching from Oakland to Kansas City for a Monday Night Nightmare at the expense of the San Diego Chargers.

Thus, we present to you, the Kansas City Chiefs updated roster.

Zombie Cassel

Zombie Jackie Battle

Zombie McClain

Zombie Albert

Zombie Asamoah

Zombie Wiegmann

Zombie Lilja

Zombie Richardson


Zombie Breaston

Zombie Pope

Ooops. I mean…

Zombie Pope

The Defense

Zombie Dorsey

Zombie Gregg

Zombie Tin Man

Zombie Hali

Zombie Belcher

Zombie DJ

Zombie Studebaker

Zombie Flowers

Zombie Carr

Zombie Lewis

Zombie Quick Draw

The Coaches

Zombie Haley

Zombie Romeo

Zombie Bill Muir

Zombie Chiefs Blogger

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