Jason Whitlock Rips Bill Parcells, Pioli, Haley, Ireland, Sporano And Santa Claus


Our old friend Jason Whitlock is writing about the Chiefs again and as you might imagine, the article is not positive.

Imagine that.

Here is just a sample of the drubbing Whilock gives Pioli, Haley and Parcells in his latest column.

"Pioli-Haley is a match made in football hell. I’m embarrassed to admit that I was the first media member to promote the marriage. I wrote about it in the aftermath of Arizona’s victory in the NFC Championship in 2009. At the time, I had no inkling of the size of Pioli’s ego and the irrational nature of Haley’s insecurity-driven false bravado. And I had no idea Pioli and Haley would both unveil bad Parcells impersonations."

Whitlock is harsh and seems to be ready to skewer Parcells and anyone who ever had anything to do with him. He doesn’t actually get into Santa Claus as I alluded to in the title of this post but I bet he would if he found out the jolly old man gave Parcells anything other than a lump of coal last Christmas.

In all seriousness, Whitlock’s brashness aside, he raises some interesting questions. There is obvious spin here, but it is thought-provoking spin, which is why I like reading Whitlock so much. Reading boring columns where I agree with every word the writer says neither entertains me, nor challenges me to grow.

What do you guys think? Read Whitlock’s article and let’s bring it back here for a discussion. Is Jason way off base here, just spinning the story to fit his views? Or is he on to something about the way Parcells and his disciples conduct themselves in the NFL universe.

And please, refrain from the “Fatlock” and “Whitless” comments. I’ll just delete them. This is what Whitlock does, it is his shtick. But let’s debate the merits of his argument, not his style or appearance.