Just Say No To “Suck For Luck”


YES – the Chiefs have been worse than bad the first two games of the years. YES – Todd Haley appears vastly underprepared. YES – Matt Cassel has played worse than some rookie quarterbacks. Despite all these truths through two weeks, there is one thing that the Kansas City Chiefs should not do, and that is “Suck For Luck”.

This “Suck For Luck” talk is pure nonsense in its truest form. I know there are lots of you that want Todd Haley gone, and believe me he will be gone if the Chiefs have the first overall pick in next years draft. But before we all jump on the fire Haley bandwagon there are a few things we all need to take into consideration.

After the 2008 season when Pioli took over as GM, he could have had his choice of any available coach solely based on his reputation. What did Pioli do though? He still choose Haley. If you recall Pioli took so much time in this decision that there were speculations about Herm Edwards being brought back. Pioli waited until after the Super Bowl to announce Haley as the Head Coach.

So here is the deal, if Chiefs fans want Luck, they have to deal with the consequences of losing Todd Haley and the subsequent hiring fiasco that Pioli will be orchestrating.

Most of the fire Haley supporters are pointing out that Bill Cowher and John Gruden are available. I’m sorry you, crazies, but those two will not be the next Chiefs head coach. You see, Pioli is much like previous GM Carl Peterson in the sense that he likes to have people he is familiar with surrounding him.

Scott Pioli is so enamored with the accomplishments of the Patriots that anyone having anything to do with the organization has a head up over any other potential candidate, that goes for players and coaches alike.

So with Cowher and Gruden out, the realistic head coach candidates become Romeo Crennel, Josh McDaniels and maybe Kirk Ferentz, Pioli’s best friend. All of these coaches are head and shoulders better than Todd Haley, right?

I don’t know the answer to that question, and I won’t even pretend to. One thing I do know is that this team will be better in the long run if we don’t “Suck for Luck.”

While the Chiefs looked completely out of sorts, unorganized, and unmotivated in the first two games of the season, they are not as bad as the scores of those games make them out to be. This is the same team that went 10-6 last season. Even without three of our rising stars (Berry, Charles, & Moeaki), I see the Chiefs beating both Minnesota and Indianapolis, which will have us at 2-3 going into the bye. After the start to this season I would be thrilled with 2-3 at the bye.

As far as the butt kicking we took from the Bills and Lions, let’s just wait and see how good they are week 17. Buffalo is 2-0 on the season, with both wins coming against the AFC West. The Bills still play the Chargers and Broncos as well. The Lions also play each of the other three teams in our division, so let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves and let’s hold our judgment until those games happen.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t be embarrassed, because we absolutely should be. But this whole “Suck for Luck” state of mind has got to go. “Suck for Luck” shows a complete lack of heart by fans who are giving up on a team after only two weeks of a 17 week season.

“Suck for Luck” fans believe that Andrew Luck will be a “Franchise Quarterback” and instantly turn all the Chiefs’ woes around and lead us to multiple Super Bowls. But let’s talk about ” Franchise Quarterbacks” for a second.

There are only five “Franchise Quarterbacks” currently in the NFL and of that group only two of them (Manning & Rivers) were top-10 picks. Hell, Brady and Brees weren’t even first rounders. It took Manning eight seasons to win a championship. Guys like Dan Marino and Warren Moon never won a Super Bowl. So what make anyone think “Suck for Luck” is going to bring a championship to Kansas City?

What will help this team get a championship, most likely in future seasons, is a strong and committed fan base that does not jump ship after two weeks. So stand up Chiefs Nation, let this team know that while they have disappointed us, we still believe there is time to right this ship. While the odds are against an 0-2 team making the playoffs that doesn’t mean that Chiefs players and fans should give up.

So what do you say Chiefs Nation? Are you on the “Suck for Luck” band wagon or will you be like me, cheering your heart out every Sunday in hopes that these players and coaches show some grit and determination to turn this thing around. I don’t expect a Superbowl run, probably not even a playoff run, but I do expected to see competitive football for the final 15 weeks of the season.

This article is part of @ArrowheadAddict.  This article was written by Arrowhead Addict Staff Writer Taylor Green. Taylor Green can be followed on Twitter @taylorgreen21.