Tips For Chiefs vs Bills


The Chiefs home opener is Sunday, Sept. 11 at 12 pm Central Time. Your Arrowhead Adventurer will be casually watching a pot of chili slow cook in his gas-powered crock pot on the parking lot and enjoying being alive.

How about you? Thinking about making it to the game? DO IT! This game is the game I have predicted to be the game of the year as far as providing the best Arrowhead Experience.

Tips for Chiefs vs Bills 2011:

1. Get there as early as possible. Gates open at 8:30. Stadium gates at 10:30. Make every effort to get to your seats by 11:40 as the special 9-11 tributes will begin. Get to the stadium earlier than 8:40 if you want, I’ve been let in as early as 7am. Nothing like ham and eggs cooked on an open grill at the greatest football stadium in the world.

2. Halftime will be a blast, I have heard Len “The Cool” Dawson will be there.

3.  Follow the live music! There is supposed to be a live band blasting away on the parking lot.

4. Remember you can bring a 20 oz bottled water in with you, one per person. Take one if you want to save some cash. I do. You can refill it a the water fountain. Sounds cheap but they are expensive at the concession and remember you just paid $27.00 to park. (More Arrowhead Adventures)

5. Sneak food in if you want. Put a sandwich in your pants. If they find it pretend you always carry Arby’s in your cargos. Once inside, the venders don’t know what is sold on premises and what isn’t.

If you are going to drink, get your drink on before you go inside, unless you don’t mind paying $8.50  for a warm brew. I  mind. I got soaked paying full price for four worthless preseason tickets earlier this year. I am gonna make it up one way or the other.

5. Snag a ticket on Ticketmaster if you don’t have one. They are pretty cheap and you can instant print. Don’t think you will have an opportunity to upgrade your seat though. I expect the place to be full. You can always try to buy one from a scalper at the stadium but I cannot stress how risky that is any more. It’s not safe, and there are more fake tickets than real ones any more.

6. Check out the museum. It is awesome. The history of not just the Chiefs but the AFL too! We won a Superbowl, people. The museum is free and near section 127.

Watch for Arrowhead Adventures next Tuesday, I’ll tell you how it went. Bring your own Arrowhead Adventure stories along with you. See you then!