Matt Cassel A Full Participant In Practice


Earlier today we told you that injured Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel was in pads at practice.

Now we can tell you he participated in full.

According to Josh Looney, Coach Todd Haley told the media after practices that Cassel was a fill participant, meaning he was not limited in any way.

This is pretty much how I figured things would go. Unless Cassel is in so much pain that he can’t throw the ball straight there is no way the Chiefs are going to send Tyler Palko out to face the Buffalo Bills.

The really good news here is that Cassel is getting all the practice reps. After the Chiefs stumbled in the preseason, the more snaps Cassel can get preparing the Buffalo game plan the better.

I’m worried about the team’s overall preparedness heading into this weekend’s game but I am not worried about Cassel’s ability to play through some pain. He proved last year that he is tough.

But will he and his teammates be ready when the Bills come to town?

We’ll find out soon.