Chiefs vs. Packers: Talking With Lombardi Ave


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Sure. The Packers are a deep team so even when they have their backups in, the Chiefs should be seeing adequate competition. I think part of KC’s plan is to actually treat the 4th preseason game more like some teams treat the 3rd. That doesn’t mean they will play their starters into the third quarter, but I think Haley doesn’t see the logic in getting ready to play in the 3rd game and then having his starters go basically two weeks before they see live competition again. Really, if you think about it, it makes sense. Check out the developmental guys early and get your starters in synch late so they can hit the ground running in Week One. It worked for the Chiefs last year. Will it this year? We’ll see.

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Check out what I had to say about the Chiefs over at Lombardi Ave, FanSided’s Packers blog. Also, be sure to check in with both AA and Lomardi Ave during the game. Here at AA we’ll be having a live game thread and Lombardi Ave will have one of their staff members live on the sidelines providing pictures and accounts of the game. Should be solid coverage. See you tonight.