Wilson: Thomas Jones Sucker-Punched Baldwin


So much for locker room leadership.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Carol County Times post, Kansas City Chiefs RB and intangible machine Thomas Jones sucker-punched rookie Jonathan Baldwin in their weight-room altercation last week.

Wilson was on 610 Sports Radio this morning and claimed that Jones swung first after having a verbal argument with Jones. Wilson said that Baldwin had some sort of altercation with RB Jamaal Charles and that the entire incident had something to do with Baldwin taking offense to some rookie hazing.

There is a lot wrong with this whole situation. For starters, Baldwin was being kind of a baby. Rookie hazing happens, all players go through it and the best way to deal with it is to be have a sense of humor about the whole thing. Baldwin complaining about the hazing and taking it personally just made matters worse.

That being said, it Thomas Jones crazy? I can understand being upset that Baldwin was being a diva, I can understand standing up for Jamaal Charles but I can’t understand sucker-punching one of your teammates. We don’t know what it is that Baldwin said or did to prompt Jones to nail him so we can’t TOTALLY throw Jones under the bus here but there are few situations that call for punching a co-worker.

We all know Jones isn’t that productive of a back any more. The Chiefs have been shoving the whole “leadership, intangible argument” down our throats when it comes to starting declining veterans like Jones and Mike Vrabel over younger, talented guys with more upside like Charles and Andy Studebaker. I don’t always like it but I can understand that leadership and experience is important. We saw with Herm Edwards’ rookie squad in 2008 how valuable having a few veterans, declining or not, can be.

But all that goes out the window for me when the “leaders” are cold-cocking our first round picks.

Baldwin may have been being a whiny brat but Jones is supposed to know better.

I don’t know. I’m never really been in the business of punching people to make my point, mainly because I’d probably get my ass kicked and thus my point would quickly be forgotten, but maybe the memory of Jone’s fist in his face will be the constant reminder Baldwin needs to get his act together, shut-up and play football. Maybe it will help.

What do you think?

(h/t Arrowhead Pride)