Report: Baldwin Scuffles With Jones, Injures Wrist


According to Nick Wright of 610 Sports, first-round draft pick Jonathan Baldwin got into a locker room scuffle with RB Thomas Jones. According to Wright, the scuffle led to Baldwin injuring his wrist. Wright reports he could miss the rest of preseason.

While scuffles between teammates is not an uncommon occurrence in NFL locker rooms, this news is troubling on a number of fronts.

We don’t know the details here or if Wright’s report is even true but if it is, the news will lead to more speculation that Baldwin is a problem child. There were concerns about him having a dive attitude coming out of the draft. Getting into a fight with a team leader right off the bat is not a good sign.

We’ll be giving Baldwin the benefit of the doubt around here until we get the full story (of we ever get the full story).

What do you guys think? How bad is this bad news?