Chiefs Training Camp Adventures


Well folks in less than two weeks I have went from no football to neck deep in it! The first preseason game is over, and my attendance, along with my attendance at the season ticket holders day at training camp has left me with an optimism that has been missing for a long long time.

Monday was a great day for season ticket holders day at camp. Cool weather and  small crowds were resulted in a great time for myself and my friends.

Best of all, when  camp was over, we were all treated to astonishing access to all the players and coaches. Nobody that I spoke with could remember anything like it at any other camps. We were able to talk to nearly all of the players, who eagerly signed autographs and even posed for pictures at times. My buddy Dan posed with a clowning Matt Cassel, I hope to have plenty of photos for my Friday post.

Workouts started slow, but practiced pace soon escalated to what appeared to be about 75% pace.

I paid quite a bit of attention to the two backup quarterbacks. These guys seem capable and enthusiastic. I still have concerns should Matt become injured, but its been a long time since I felt that our backups could carry on should the worst happen.

Coach Haley was in control as always, the team responded to his authority well.

When drills were called for the day, all the players and coaches came over to sign autographs and pose for photos. I’ve never seen a more enthusiastic bunch of professional athletes. Enthusiasm was everywhere.

Matt Cassel was especially friendly and posed  for a photo with my friend Dan. He moved on before I could get a pose with him, but as you can see I got close.

Tamba was great, so was Bowe and everybody else you can think of.

Haley joked with us, he said that the old hat he was wearing was for good luck, and they he was not going to take it off the rest of the season.

Pioli was much shorter than I expected but obviously spends a lot of time in the weight rooms of Arrowhead. He was friendly and enthusiastic as well.

My friends and I were able to get plenty of pictures and I hope to have those for you Friday,  I’ll also discuss my tips for getting more out of the preseason.

See you then!