Chiefs Origins: Ravens And Cardinals And Pats, Oh My


“Ravens and Cardinals and Pats, oh my… Ravens and Cardinals and Pats, oh my.”

Just click your red heels and get me back to Kansas, would ya Dorothy?

Who are the Kansas City Chiefs?

When Scott Pioli came to Kansas City he was expected to bring the New England Patriot’s way with him. He didn’t disappoint and almost immediately snagged Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel off the Pats roster. In fact, he did that so fast I could swear Matt and Mike got here first.

Since then the Kansas City Chiefs a have been called the Kansas City Patriots enough for that humor to wear thin.

The Chiefs have brought several ex-Patriots in. Some have stuck and some have not. During this off season, the teams that Scott Pioli and Todd Haley have been raiding heavily include the Arizona Cardinals  and the Baltimore Ravens.

Besides the list of former Patriots that have made it to the Chiefs roster includes: Mike Vrabel, Ryan O’Callaghan, Matt Cassel and Matt Gutierrez

Current Chiefs who were previously Arizona Cardinals include: Leonard Pope, Steve Breaston, Jerheme Urban and Thomas Jones (spent his first three years in a Arizona).

The newest team that P&H and Co. are scavenging from is the Baltimore Ravens and those players include; Terrance Copper, Kelly Gregg, Le’Ron McClain, and now Jared Gaither.

Except for Matt Gutierrez, the other 10 players will likely make the Chiefs 53 man roster and the cut down day for that is only 3 weeks from Monday. Nine of those players look to make a major contribution… if you include Gaither in the group and I don’t think they brought him in to sit.

9 players out of 22 starters, originated with these 3 teams. That’s 40%.

Did I leave any other players out? Am I forgetting anyone? We may have had other former Pats in for awhile but I can’t recall their names.

What do you make of it Chiefs Nation?