On The Road To Arrowhead


I have always thought August should be the first month of the year. Growing up, August was the beginning of the school year for us, and the start of many changes. Some of the changes were exciting  such as the opportunity to sit by new bored, gum chewing, note passing, girls. Not so exciting for me anyway, was the idea of studying for tests in the dark evening hours after school, dark evening hours that started earlier and earlier in the day. The smell of opportunity and a chance for a fresh start was always in the air.

But more importantly I knew exactly where I was going to be and what I was going to be doing the next year and the next and the next.

The freedom I felt as I walked from my last class in college was wonderful, but a cloud of uncertainty hung over my head as well.

Aaaah that’s why I love our Kansas City Chiefs.

Good seasons and bad seasons come and go. But the Kansas City Chiefs will be our team in Kansas City for years to come.

The owners will be the Hunt family. The Chiefs front office  will send me letters and emails. The team jersey will be red and gold. Bad behavior from players will not be tolerated in exchange for division championships. And each and every August, we will always have a Superbowl win on our record, one of the greatest fought Superbowls in the history of the game, by one the greatest NFL teams that Kansas City, hell the NFL itself, ever fielded. And when those tickets come in the mail I’ll sit on the floor in front of my big screen,  as my DVR of the 2010  Monday night game plays, and smell those freshly printed moments in time..

When I sit in my seats at Arrowhead, I’ll be sitting in seats by the very field that Joe Delaney, Otis Taylor, Priest Holmes, Derrick Thomas, and endless gridiron heroes in red and gold played. The very field that had no tolerance for the likes of Larry Johnson no matter what the cost to our offense.

You get the picture.

So as  you read this, I’ll be on my way to the greatest NFL stadium in the world. The smell of  grilling, the sights of beautiful women in summer clothes, and the talk of football strategies will be my classroom.

Monday I’ll be cruising up to training camp with my buds. Tuesday I’ll sleep late and then bore you with the Arrowhead Adventures I tirelessly seek.

Until then, well what about you, Addicts? What is it you love about Arrowhead that never changes?