The Chiefs’ New 6y Beast


Oh, what a wonderful problem.

Problem for the opposition. Wonderful for the Chiefs.

Throw the B Corp (Bowe, Breaston and Baldwin) on the field in certain packages and pair them with some M&M’s (Moeaki and McCluster) and then throw in that other guy… what’s his name… oh… Jamaal Friggin’ Charles… and the opposition has a huge problem. Pretty wonderful, huh? (BTW… that’s 6 players total, for those who aren’t counting.)

That’s what the signing of Steven William Breaston does for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Some may say that this wasn’t like signing Sidney Rice or Santonio Holmes but honestly, the Chiefs may already have that player on their roster in the form of Jon Baldwin… or Dwayne Bowe for that matter.

With the Chiefs’ new 6y beast in place the Chiefs can do things no other team can do. It’s all about match-ups.

If they put the third best CB on Baldwin, Cassel just throws the ball in the general vicinity and JB is off to the races. If they put a slower LB on Moeaki, Cassel finds our newest TonyTE up the middle for big gains. If they go zone we flood it and throw a screen to the opposite side for JC. For a TD of course. If they go single-man coverage on Bowe, I’m betting on Bowe. If…. If…. If…. You get the idea.

Of course the Chiefs could decide to run out of that package. The Chiefs should get a lot of 6 out of that package. That’s 6, as in touchdown. Or maybe that’s 6, as in 6y beast!

The Chiefs’ new 6y beast will present planning nightmares for opposing teams… and sweet dreams for Chief’s fans.

Some have suggested that if Jon Baldwin isn’t ready to go as a rookie that we could move Steve Breaston to the 2nd WR position until JB comes up to speed. However, Jonathan Baldwin has made all the right moves this Summer and it appears he’ll be ready to go on day one. It’s not Baldwin who would be the weak link in the Chiefs’ new 6y beast.

That would be Dexter McCluster.

Last season Dexter missed 5 games to injury. He goes at 5-8, 170 and longevity will be the concern with him. However, as long as he is on the field, he’s a cartoon explosion. Last year when Dex was on the field teams could key on him. As part of the Chiefs’ new 6y beast… he’ll be unstoppable. And the diminished number of touches he gets should help keep him alive.

The Chiefs’ new 6y beast reminds me of a children’s book title. “Toys For Todd” comes to mind but, more like a Dr. Seuss title, “Oh The Places You’ll Go.” Trying to cover all the possibilities of the Chiefs’ new 6y beast will be like trying to follow all the cats in the hats of “The Cat in the Hat Comes Back” (Little Cat A tips his hat to reveal Little Cat B, who reveals C, and so on down to the tiny Little Cat Z).

Another significant aspect of the Chiefs’ new 6y beast is that it demarks the full arrival of Todd Haley.

This is now completely Todd’s squad.

Dwayne Bowe was rebirthed by Coach Haley last season. Charles was given new life by Coach Haley following the exit of LJ.

All the other members of the Chiefs’ new 6y beast have been brought in by Coach Haley and GM Scott Pioli. They have a specific philosophy and have now fully fashioned a football squad after that philosophy.

6y. Very 6y.