You Make The Call: The KC Chiefs 53 Man Roster


Well as I sit and type these words on Sunday evening there is hope all around that the lockout will be over this week. I’m going to, for the time being, put my doubts aside and assume that all these “experts” are correct and that football will be back up and running soon. So now it’s time to turn our attention to who will be on the Chiefs’ roster once the upcoming free agency frenzy comes to an end. I’ve already told you that I don’t think the Chiefs will or should sign many new free agents. I’ve also made it pretty clear that I’m 100% behind the Chiefs signing Aubrayo Franklin. So what about the rest of the roster?

After the jump I’ll give you my prediction for the Chiefs’ opening day 53 man roster and some brief explanations for why I made the calls I did. However, my real point of doing this post isn’t to enlighten you with my predictions (consider that a free bonus), but to get a feel for what you, my fellow Addicts, think about the roster. So after you take a look at my 53 man roster I want to know what you think. Did I leave someone off? Do you think they’ll be more FA signings? I want to hear your thoughts. My roster after the break.

QB – Matt Cassel, Tyler Palko, Ricky Stanzi
“Palko at #2? Are you crazy Graversen?” I don’t see them keeping Croyle and would guess that by the end of the season Stanzi will be the backup and Palko will probably be cut. However, for week one I think they’ll want the #2 QB to be someone with a little more experience in the system.

RB – Jamaal Charles, Thomas Jones, Jackie Battle
McCluster should probably go on the RB depth chart, but I see them keeping Battle anyway since he plays ST and could take away some short yardage carries from Jones (fingers crossed).

FB – Shane Bannon
If you use a draft pick on a FB he makes the roster, unless he really stinks. I think he earns his spot and sends the other guys packing.

WR – Dwayne Bowe, Jon Baldwin, Dexter McCluster, Verran Tucker, Terrance Copper, Jerheme Urban
I almost put a FA signing in here, but I’m still thinking the Chiefs will be a run heavy team and I’m not sure there will be enough balls to go around if they have 3 big name WRs and McCluster, plus Moeaki. I think Tucker and Copper make it because of experience and ST. I gave the last spot to Urban because Haley knows him and he’s been spotted at a lot of the off season practices that Cassel organized.

TE – Tony Moeaki, Leonard Pope, Jake O’Connell
I’m on the resign Pope bandwagon. I’d really like to see Cottam make the roster, but between his injuries and the fact that O’Connell is a Pioli pick, my money is on O’Connell.

LT – Brandan Albert
Albert stays at LT. I’ll discuss his backup below with the RTs.

LG – Brian Waters, Jon Asamoah
If there was a full off season I think Waters might have been cut loose to make way for Asamoah, but with a rush to get ready I think they’ll keep Waters veteran leadership.

C – Casey Weigmann, Rodney Hudson
Weigmann will come back for one more go around and to mentor Hudson.

RG – Ryan Lilja, Darryl Harris
Harris may not make many people’s 53 man roster, but I think he’s looked really good in pre season and if he can show any versatility to cover other spots on the line I think he’ll make it to make sure nobody else scoops him up.

RT – Matt Light, Barry Richardson
Here is my first FA signing. The Chiefs bring in Light who will be a short term upgrade over Richardson (who they bring back and continue to develop). In the event that Albert would miss time Light could slide over to LT and Richardson would be back at RT.

DE – Glenn Dorsey, Tyson Jackson, Shaun Smith, Wallace Gilberry, Andrew Bailey
Smith is resigned for depth and Gilberry and Bailey are used in specialty packages.

NT – Aubrayo Franklin, Jerrel Powe
Okay, so if you’re at all surprised to see Franklin as my second (and final) FA signing then you really don’t know me at all, do you? Seriously, a proven veteran who can show Powe the ropes is just what the doctor (or Romeo Crennel) ordered.

OLB – Tamba Hali, Andy Studebaker, Justin Houston, Cameron Sheffield
I’m sure Pioli will make sure Gabe Miller (I really hated that pick) makes it over Sheffield just to spite me. I just couldn’t bring myself to put his name on my list.

MLB – Derrick Johnson, Jovan Belcher, Demorrio Williams, Micah Johnson, Bobby Greenwood
I hope they keep Williams around for depth, Greenwood is a ST stud, and don’t sleep on Micah Johnson as a run stuffing thumper. If Corey Mays makes the roster I will be unhappy. If Corey Mays AND Gabe Miller make the roster and Pioli’s office mysteriously catches fire, I don’t know anything about it.

CB – Branon Flowers, Brandon Carr, Javier Arenas, Jalil Brown, Travis Daniels
The first 4 are pretty simple. I think Daniels has earned the last spot over guys like Donald Washington.

S – Eric Berry, Kendrick Lewis, Jon McGraw, Rashard Langford
The coaches love McGraw and once again the shortened off season will lead the coaching staff to go with veterans who know what they are doing. Once again I’m going with my heart and picking Langford for the last spot because I really didn’t want Washington on my list.

K – Ryan Succop
P – Dustin Colquitt
LS – Thomas Gafford
I don’t think there is really any doubt here.

So there you have it, my opening day 53 man roster. I don’t think they’ll be many new faces because of the rush to get in and get going. I think they’ll resign a lot of their in house free agents and go with what they know.

Now, PLEASE let me know what you think. Where did I get it wrong? Who do you think they will sign? Do you think they’ll give Stanzi the #2 QB spot right out of the gate? I want to hear it all, so bring it.

And as always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!