Yay for offseason stories!


If it weren’t for the offseason, would we even remotely care about this?

"Photographer sues Chiefs, others over use of photos to decorate ArrowheadBy Mark DavisKansas City Star"

God yes.  Tell me you want to know more.

"Hank Young, a longtime area photographer, has sued the Chiefs and five other companies that he said never paid for or sought permission to use his many images of Chiefs games, players, cheerleaders and fans for the remodeled Arrowhead.Instead, the lawsuit contends, the Chiefs obtained the photographs from Young’s archives “under false pretenses” and unsuccessfully tried to coerce him into handing over his copyrights to the pictures before ending his generation-long gig as Chiefs game-day photographer.Young, who said he worked as an independent contractor and not a Chiefs employee, now wants those images torn down and destroyed if he isn’t paid."

This is the story that has everything.  Coercion.  Conflict.  Pictures of stuff.

"The lawsuit, filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Kansas City, stirs up the complexities of labor law and intellectual property rights."

Legal complexities of intellectual property rights!  ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL???

"Those are among several tests that the Internal Revenue Service looks at to determine whether someone is an employee or independent contractor. The difference means money when it comes to collecting payroll taxes.The greater point of dispute hinges on the extent to which the Chiefs had the right to use the images."

Folks, I cannot whet your appetite any more on this irresistable story of Orwellian intrigue.  The Star has all the red meat.  Dig in.

And let’s hope they sign a CBA soon.