Arrowhead Adventures! Its No Fun Anymore!


I had waited for five weeks for the magical day! My season ticket holders upgrade appointment! Oh the possibilities! I love my seats two rows from the field now. But where might I wind up this year? Surely enraged ticketholders would be dumping their seats in protest. The seats that took me five years to work up to  would be nosebleeds compared to where I was gonna wind up this year! Coach Haley would say “excuse me” as he walked past my seat to run the game. Dwayne Bowe would ask me to hold his Gatorade until the defense took the field. Jamaal Charles would ask me to review his insurance needs. This year I was going to be on the damn bench with the team.

Maps of the stadium spread out on my desk, personal time taken, this was going to take an hour and a half minimum I warned my boss. For at least the next 90 minutes I’d be unavailable. Thats the way it had been last year. This year was going to be the an unbelievable opportunity to land the seats of a lifetime.

“I’ll cheat just a little and call early” I snickered to myself. I felt an odd feeling as the phone actually rang. I jumped a little when someone other than a busy signal actually greeted me with a bored “Chiefs Ticket Office”.

I explained (never had to do this before) the reason for my call, and was boredly ask where I wanted to move. “First row or better!” I proclaimed in a breathless voice.


“Can’t help you Bud” was the emotionless reply……


Can’t help me? Can’t help me?

What is going on here?

What’s wrong with those season ticket holders, they should be abandoning their post in a lockout fueled rage! And whats wrong with this guy on the phone? Why isn’t he trying to get me to buy more tickets as in years past? Why doesn’t he, why doesn’t anyone care anymore?

I asked the lady at K-Mart where all the deeply discounted Chiefs stuff was and was told they are just holding it back until next year, manufacturers won’t commit to make stuff that might not sell in a football free year.

My phone hasn’t rang with offers of tickets to the draft party at the stadium. No emails touting the official draft party hat. It’s on a Thursday night for God sake. Boring enough, but throw in the lockout , well I’d rather just stay home and play miniature golf with my retired neighbor.

Yet my credit card charges for my six pay agreement for my tickets keep racking up as scheduled.

Both the players and owners have apologized to me. Yet their apologies are really just blame shifting ramblings.

Some of you may remember the last football interruption in , that sucked too. It was different though, backwards from this one. The players refused to play, this time the owners are refusing to let them.

That season was worse than no football at all in my opinion, the league tried to go on without the talent.  I am not sure if season ticket money was refunded but the games went on with XFL level talent.

Even if football is played in 2011,  irreversible damage is done. Matt Cassel should be bonding with his recievers and the rest of the offense, not working out in some gym in California. The team should be TOGETHER. Staying in shape isn’t enough.

That being said, maybe no football for 2011 wouldn’t be so bad. I’d get more fishing in. I’d save a ton of money.  The league and the players will lose much much more.