Commenter Leader Board Returns To Arrowhead Addict


We love to recognize our outstanding readers and commenters here at AA and we took a step in that direction by adding the Commenter Leader Board a few months back.

The leader board keeps track of all comments submitted by registered users. It resets at the beginning of each year.

We had a pretty tight race going on early in 2011 but after a site update, the leader board mysteriously vanished. Fortunately, I was able to recover it without losing anyone’s stats!

Here are your Top AA Commenter’s so far for 2011:

  • tm1946 (181)
  • Warpaint Denny (122)
  • moxy (121)
  • chiefhokie (73)
  • Trey @ Washington (73)
  • chiefsfanatic (69)
  • chiefsjunkie1971 (68)
  • KC Oracle (62)
  • warpaintdenny (61)

This is definitely a great crew of readers who help keep the discussion going and help keep AA interesting. Thanks to all of you and congrats to tm1946 for holding the top spot!

If you would like your comments to be counted toward the leader board, you need to be registered with FanSided. It only takes a minute and all we need is a username and email address. Registered users are never spammed and we never share your email address. Readers who are registered are able to sign in to all FanSided blogs, have their stats tracked for the leader board and will also be able to display an avatar by signing up at

Register today and thanks for reading.