Arrowhead Addict’s Chiefs Smackdown: Final


Arrowhead Addict has been hosting an NCAA style tournament to identify Chiefs Nation’s favorite player and we have now reached the Final 4.

It looks like I got the seeding correct because all 4 top seeds have moved on to the Hank Stram Final Four.

It is offense vs. offense and defense vs. defense as #1 Jamaal Charles takes on his QB, #4 Matt Cassel while #2 Brandon Flowers looks to take out #3 Tamba Hali.

Voting for the Final Four willtake place from April 1 to the 4th. On Tuesday, April 5th, the Championship round will be announced. Voting will last for two days and the champion will be announced on Thursday, April 7th.

Congratulations to Jamaal, Matt, Tamba and Brandon for being the top four beloved players in Chiefs Nation. I’d say they all earned it.

Make sure you vote for the players you want to see in the championship today! Brandon Flowers defeated Eric Berry by the skin of his teeth and had more votes been cast it could have gone the other way.

Elight Eight results are after the jump.

Elite 8 Results:

#1 Jamaal Charles d. #8 Brandon Carr (100%-0)

#4 Matt Cassel d. #5 Dwayne Bowe (67%-33%)

#2 Brandon Flowers d. #8 Eric Berry (56%-44%)

#3 Tamba Hali d. #6 Derrick Johnson (83%-17%)

Vote for the Final 4 now!