Saturday Night Week in Review


Ok people, I’m on borrowed time here out of town on a laptop and internet that do not belong to me, so I must be brief.

The resounding cry from this week seems to reflect disc 2 of the Beatles “White Album.”  Mainly revolution.  The fans of the NFL are starting to stand up and realize the weight that they throw around in the business of the NFL and they are not happy with what they are seeing.  The tide has turned from us worrying about if or when there is going to be football to everyone being pissed off that there is no football to be had.  Spread the word, get the message out.  The more there is an uprising amongst the customers of this business, the more pressure there will be on both parties to reach a compromise.

These sentiments were most well put in a letter from a reader to Clark Hunt.  The separation from the NFL landscape was continued by Lyle in his “Anti-CBA” NCAA tournament bracket challenge.  Paddy recognized a major snub of Jamaal Charles from the “experts” at (doesn’t Clayton look like a weasel? I mean, really, an actual weasel…), and Adam gave us a preview of the Centers in the upcoming draft.  To close out the week, Jeremy voiced his concern over whether or not a prolonged lockout would influence the Chiefs draft strategy.

That’s all I’ve got for tonight folks.  Remember that I have a boycott petition set up on that I encourage everyone to sign and pass along to their friends.  The biggest mistake a person can make is thinking that their voice does not count.

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Have a good night.