My Chief Concerns: Should A Prolonged Lockout Dictate The Chiefs Draft Strategy?


Will the lockout dictate which way the Kansas City Chiefs go in the first round or even the second?  Should it? Let’s face it, although the Kansas City Chiefs returned to relevancy in 2010, the Chiefs still have big needs on both sides of the ball (WR, OL, FB & NT, OLB, and FS).  It is no secret that NFL offenses are very complex.  In my opinion, our two biggest needs are WR and NT.  Having said that, if the lockout continues and we lose OTAs, mini-camps, training camps, and even pre-season games, would choosing a wide receiver or offensive skill player with our first pick be counter productive?

Would we be better off going with a defensive player, specifically a NT, who presumably has simpler assignments and could pick up the defense so much faster than say a wide receiver?  Would you still do so, even if the offensive player is just slightly rated higher than the defensive player? Isn’t it a lot easier to be disruptive on defense than synergistically productive on offense?  I say yes, if you believe the lock out will persist into training camp time; the Chiefs should take a defensive player with their first and second picks.  Am I being short sided and simple minded, or is this a concern?

What do you think?