Merlin’s Post Combine Chiefs Mock Draft


Now that the Combine is behind us and draft boards have gone through the last big reshuffling, it’s time for Adam and I to do our second Kansas City Chiefs mock drafts. Let’s review the rules. The big board on Draft Tek is the official board to make picks from. You can go up five positions from your draft position. For example, The Chiefs first round pick is #21. So, players from #16 and down are eligible to be selected. You are free to go down as far as you want to select a player. Feel free to reach down to #30 (as an example) for pick #21. We are going to assume reports are true that we traded our sixth round pick and Alex Magee for Tampa Bay’s fifth round selection (#132). Also, the Chiefs swapped fifth round picks with the Lions as a result of the tampering decision. The Chiefs, in effect, traded pick #151 for pick #136. Now on to the selections.

Round 1, Pick 21 (21) Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi State 6′ 5” 321 lbs

Why go away from the three primary needs of C, WR, NT? Value. Sherrod could step in and start at right tackle as a rookie. If he does well, he can move to left tackle, pushing Brandon Albert inside to guard. According to the draft rules, I could have taken TyRon Smith the OT from USC. He would be an excellent choice, but realistically, he should be gone before the Chiefs pick. Sherrod hits the Pioli evaluation points very well. He performed at a high level for several years in the elite SEC conference. Leadership? Yes, he is one of those team captains Pioli loved last year. He is well schooled, but could use some more lower body strength and a bit of a mean streak. Sherrod is a very athletic tackle that will do well in a zone blocking scheme.

Round 2, Pick 23 (55) Jerrell Powe NT Mississippi 6′ 2” 335 lbs

The Sherrod selection does create it’s problems. Mainly, all three primary needs (C, WR, NT) still need to be filled. Hard choices need to be made. Center is a very possible choice here. Both Bradon Fusco and Jake Kirkpatrick are still on the board. Nose Tackle is a very hard position to fill and the Chiefs have gone on long enough without a 320+ lbs body there to anchor the defense. Why Powe and not take Phil Taylor in round one? Taylor came on in his senior season and has shined in the Senior Bowl and Combine. Powe has a longer track record and has that team captain leadership traits Pioli loves. Powe would have been a first round pick if he came out last year. Instead, he returned to Ole Miss. Lost weight and tried to be a penetrating DT. He isn’t that. What he does well is play the NT spot, commanding double teams and pushing the pocket. He does have some academic trouble in his past, but the Chiefs may overlook that and grab a very good NT prospect from the elite SEC conference.

Round 3, Pick 22 (86) John Moffitt C/G Wisconsin 6′ 5” 323 lbs

One approach in building a team is to look at the team that dominates your division and build your team to beat them. The team to beat in the AFC West is still the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers run a 3-4 defense and picking a center that is big enough and strong enough to take on a NT is very important. That is why I wanted Mike Pouncey last year and why I love John Moffit this year. Moffit has the strength and size to take on NFL nose tackles. Plus, he is athletic enough and well schooled enough to function well as a center in a zone blocking scheme. An offensive line of Albert, Waters, Moffitt, Lilja and Sherrodd is a line that can keep Cassel upright, give him time to throw plus open lanes for Charles and whoever carries the rock.

Round 4, Pick 21 (117) Terrance Toliver LSU 6′ 4” 212 lbs

Ideally, I would love more of a speed burner here. However, realistic mocks means not getting everything you want. If the Chiefs first three picks go along the lines I mock here, don’t be shocked to see Pioli package this pick with a fifth round pick and move up into round three to grab someone like Jerrel Jernigan. I can’t do that here. So, I will grab a solid WR prospect. Toliver has a nice combination of size and speed, but lacks explosion off the line.

Round 5, Pick 20 (132) Greg Salas WR Hawaii 6′ 1” 210 lbs

This is where things get very interesting. Ideally, I would love Ricky Stanzi (QB Iowa) or a fullback like Owen Marecic here. However, both players are too high on the draft board. Salas is a very versatile receiver from a high pass production offense in Hawaii. He brings a lot to the table. He is smart, runs routes well, has good hands and is reliable. What he lacks is top end speed. However, his brains and ability makes him a very nice round five prospect. By taking Toliver and Salas, the hope is to hit on one of these draftees.

Round 5, Pick 23 (136) Shaun Chapas Fullback Georgia 6′ 2” 245 lbs

Anyone want to see the Mike Cox, Tim Castille rotation next year? I don’t. The Chiefs have advanced to the point where taking a fullback makes sense. Chapas is coming off of a ankle injury. If he checks out medically, he can be a fine addition to the Chiefs. He is a traditional style fullback. Chapas is a very good lead blocker, picks up blitzes well and can chip in as a receiver and a short yardage back. In round 5, this is a good fit.

Round 7, Pick 21 (212) Nick Bellore Strong Inside Linebacker Central Michigan 6′ 1” 245 lbs

Round 7 picks are real crapshoots. Bellore was a very productive linebacker for Central Michigan. He could use some more speed, but he can come in to push Corey Mays for the right to back up Jovan Belcher.