Addict Forums Heating Up


Since the Kansas City Chiefs offseason is now fully upon us we will be looking for all kinds of ways to get us through these hard times.

One way you can entertain yourselves, other than reading and commenting on the AA front page of course, is to join up at the Addict Forums and keep the conversations going there. The forums are a great place for you guys to dictate the conversation on the site. We have the Addict Posts where you can literally run your own Kansas City Chiefs blog. Exemplary posts will considered for the front page (provided I see them in the time that they are still relevant).

We also have the Ask Merlin draft forum where you can chat it up with Merlin, AA’s resident draft guru, about all things NFL Draft!

There are some interesting things going on in the forums right now. I’ve got a quick rundown after the jump:

KCChiefdaddict is tearing it up in the forums. He (I assume it is a he) has been doing a great job in the comment section all year but has now discovered the Forums and is slowly becoming one of the leaders over there. We do a weekly recap for you on the weekends when we post the Open Mic night but KCChiefsaddict is doing DAILY AA recaps for you all in the Addict Posts. Be sure to check them out and thanks to KCA for putting in that work. We really appreciate it.

Pickle wants to get the Matt Cassel debate fired back up and wrote an Addict Post to get the job done. Cassel is always an interesting debate around AA though the conversation has changed somewhat given Matt’s play in 2010. Head on over to the Addict Posts to talk Matt Cassel.

Did you know the Chiefs played the NY Jets TWICE in 1988? Neither did I but reader wadegunter has the question and the answer for us courtesy of Adam Teicher from the Kansas City Star. Check it out.

Americanwolfx, one of a very select number of forum users to hold the title of “Rookie” wants Chiefs Nation to take to the net to make sure the Chiefs re-sigh Shaun “Perv” Smith. Help him out. I believe there is a petition floating around somewhere. If anyone knows where it is please post it.

Lastly, the Ask Merlin Draft Forum is really heating up. Currently the guys over there are talking WR’s and there are some interesting opinions. Keep Draft Thursday going strong and start a topic in the Draft Forum!

The forums are a great place for you all to get involved of steering the conversation on Arrowhead Addict. I pushed hard to get these installed and not all the FanSided sites have them. We’ve been building them up slowly and I am going to focus on them a lot more now that we are in the offseason. I am particularly interested in getting reader contributed blogs in the Addict Posts. We are always looking for quality content and well written pieces will find their way onto the front page. Heck, I believe Ehud (Adam) once had one of his Addict Posts promoted to the main page and some months later, he joined the staff!

Thanks for reading everyone and we hope you are enjoying Draft Thursday here at AA.