Open Mic Night: Winning Is Everything Edition


Flash back to two years ago for Nick Rodgers:

A lifelong Chiefs fan living outside of my native Kansas City, I ruthlessly searched ESPN on my Blackberry Curve for Kansas City Chiefs news from their page.  Not only were the updates infrequent, and mostly pointless, a lot of them linked to articles that did not even relate to the Chiefs football team.  I did not have 810 radio anymore to hear people talk about the Chiefs, and everything in Tulsa revolved around the Sooners, I was pretty much living in hell.

Present day for Nick Rodgers:  Not only have I found a site that has several updates every day (Patrick you are a freaking post ninja) containing quality content with unique views, I am fortunate enough to be an even bigger part of this community with a weekly featured post where I can really speak my mind about whatever I want and discuss it with the other writers and readers.  Arrowhead Addict has become an integral part of my life, and although I do read content from other blogs I believe the quality and quantity of content at Arrowhead Addict is not only better than other sites, but much more provocative with a sharper edge than anything else I can find.  Basically, this site is the shit.

With that said, everyone that contributes to and reads this site needs to go and vote for us at the link below for the Reader’s Choice Awards.  Have your friends do it, have your mom do it, have your boss do it (I have done all of those things already BTW), post it on your facebook and twitter accounts if you have them.  This recognition will not only bring more attention to the site, but it will be recognition for all of you that spend time commenting here.  It is the conversations and even arguments with you all that really make this site enjoyable and addictive.  Last I saw we were about 20 votes up on the Denver Donkeys site in second place, and we CANNOT lose to the freakin’ Ponies.  Winning is everything.

I am going to post the links to this weeks articles below so you can check them out.  We had a really great week if you missed any of these I highly recommend you catch up on them.  For discussion, the narcissist in me would like to hear exactly what everyone likes about this site, and why it is your choice for your Chiefs fix.  Also as always, bring up anything else on your mind.

Finalists baby!  Get some votes out and lets bring home a winner!


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