My post season ticket stub is in the shoe box I keep ..."/>
My post season ticket stub is in the shoe box I keep ..."/>

Arrowhead Adventures: There Is No Offseason


My post season ticket stub is in the shoe box I keep in my closet with the rest of them. The Superbowl is over, I finished the leftover chili last night. I packed up all my jerseys in the big box I keep them all in, along with my heavier Kansas City Chiefs outdoor gear. Team hats and gloves are in the box too. Something has always seemed wrong about wearing my gear this soon after another team claims the Lombardi trophy. The rest of the month will be dedicated to Missouri State University Basketball.

But after that brief two week or so in February, the period when it finally sinks in that another year is over. Well I dive right back into being a Kansas City Chiefs fan.

Not that the thought of my Adventure posts going on hiatus keeps you up at night, but they will keep right on coming on their usual Friday time.  I’ll talk about the players that made NFL history at Arrowhead, the coaches that helped them make it, and the the stadium itself that never tires of our yearly vigils.

I’ll brag about my new BBQ set up that I keep in my living room as only a single man can do until I feel like dragging it down to my storage shed.

My lunch hours will be spent scouring the Chiefs gear sections of the nearby K-Mart, Target, Walmart and some of the best places of all, the stores that buy last seasons gear directly from the team store itself.

Some of my 75% off  acquisitions I’ll wear, some I’ll eBay, and some I’ll give to friends who join me on my yearly treks to see the greatest fans in the NFL root for the coolest team, in the best stadium a fan could ask to watch their team in.

And then……..oh then “Homer Simpson drool”……I’ll begin to see the mock drafts join my posts on AA.  I’ll argue with the guys at work and my girlfriend about team needs, team resources, and team draft pick positions.

Then I’ll make that drive on draft day to the “Homer Simpson drool”…my beloved draft party.

So hang in there folks, you will stop hearing about the Packers hourly on Sirius NFL radio, and begin to hear “hopefully” about the uninterrupted 2011 season due to signed labor agreements, and my blood will rise in anticipation as I watch the guy unpack the 2011 draft magazines at the Barnes and Noble down the street.

So hang on folks. We made real progress in 2010.  This year is only going to get better.