Now that the 2010 NFL Season has concluded, it is time to focus on the offseason.  Unfo..."/> Now that the 2010 NFL Season has concluded, it is time to focus on the offseason.  Unfo..."/>

Chiefs Full Mock 1.0 Adam’s Choices


Now that the 2010 NFL Season has concluded, it is time to focus on the offseason.  Unfortunately, this offseason will be marred by concern over NFL Labor negotiations.  However, since I can’t go up to each negotiator, slap their face, and tell them to get the deal done; I’ll have to find something else to keep myself busy.  Since the draft is a sure thing with or without a new CBA, I figured I would focus on that.

Before reading this I need you to understand three things.  The first is that I am doing this based on the idea of no free agency.  Second, I am pretending that I’m sitting in the General Manager’s seat.  I am not pretending that I am Scott Pioli.  However, it should be known that he and I share our like for smart, high character guys.  Third is that these choices will change many times before the actual draft occurs.  One of the biggest events leading up to the Draft, the NFL Combine, has not yet occurred and so these players will move up and down the board depending on their performance there.  With that being said, here is my Chiefs’ mock draft.

Round 1, Pick 21 (21)     Stefen Wisniewski     Center     Penn State     6’3”     306 lbs.

The news that Chiefs’ center Casey Wiegmann may retire makes this pick even more likely to actually occur.  The Wiz, as I shall henceforth call him, comes from NFL bloodlines with his father and uncle having both played in the NFL.  His bloodlines didn’t earn him this spot, though, his play did.  He’s technically sound, smart, and involved in lots of community service.  He’s the kind of guy I want on my Chiefs team and, as the only sure starter at center in this draft, he is a must draft if Wiegmann retires and there is no free agency.

Round 2, Pick 23 (55)     Titus Young     Wide Receiver     Boise State     5’11”     170 lbs.

The Chiefs need a valid receiver threat to take the pressure off Dwayne Bowe.  Hopefully, this pick will do that.  Young is a vertical, big play threat.  Not the most physical of receivers, he is speedy.  He currently intends to run a 4.2 40-time at the NFL Combine.  Whether that is true or not remains to be seen, but you could ask the person he trains with.  That person would be 100-meter Olympic gold-medalist Maurice Greene.  Hop over to With the First Pick for a scouting report.

Round 3, Pick 22 (86)     Owen Marecic     Fullback     Stanford     6’1”     244 lbs.

I’ll admit that this is high for a fullback.  More than likely this pick ends up someone else on draft day, but that’s the difficulty with forecasting like this; you never know who’s going to slide.  That being said, Marecic is a quality fullback who will start from day one.  Did I mention he played both fullback and linebacker for Stanford?  He is a well-respected, smart, and high character guy who is tough as nails.  Exactly the kind of guy Scott Pioli likes.

Round 4, Pick 21 (117)     Greg McElroy     Quarterback     Alabama     6’3”     225 lbs.

The lucky Chiefs’ fans don’t remember the San Diego Chargers game that took place in San Diego.   For those who do remember, I’m sorry.  What it made clear to me is that Brodie Croyle’s time as Chiefs’ backup QB is done.  Enter McElroy.  He’s incredibly smart (Rhodes Scholarship finalist), tough (played a BCS Championship Game with two cracked ribs), and efficient (70% completions, 20 touchdowns, and 5 interceptions in 2010).  The only reason he slips this far is that he lacks ideal arm strength and his throwing motion needs a tweak.  He’ll be a great backup whose lack of arm strength will keep him non-threatening to Cassel.

Round 5, Pick 20 (148)     Clint Boling     Offensive Lineman     Georgia     6’5”     315 lbs.

In the first round I addressed Wiegmann leaving with The Wiz.  Most feel that last year’s pick Jon Asamoah will replace Brian Waters when he leaves, whenever that is.  In preparation for that departure, and adding depth to our offensive line, Boling here makes sense.  As an added bonus, he has the frame and experience to possibly play right tackle.  Versatility is a key word for the Chiefs organization and Boling fits it.  He does need some time to develop, but that’s good because with our current situation he will have the time.

Round 5, Pick 23 (151)    Taiwan Jones    Running Back    Eastern Washington    6’1”    200 lbs.

I like Chiefs’ RB Thomas Jones, but he was struggling in the second half of last year for the Chiefs.  Looking for a replacement is not a bad idea.  Unfortunately, this draft does not have many of the types of backs I would ideally look to be partners with Jamaal Charles.  Even this choice here is not a great one because he is fairly similar to Charles in his run style.  Taiwan is an explosive playmaker who comes with some question marks due to coming from a small school and injuries.  However, the Chiefs showed last year that they won’t be scared off of a player because of injuries when they drafted TE Tony Moeaki.  If Taiwan develops well, the Chiefs could have an explosive running back tandem.  Here’s a highlight reel.

Round 7, Pick 21 (212)    Ryan Jones   Cornerback   Northwest Missouri State   5’11”   195 lbs.

Throughout the whole process of creating this mock, this was the only pick that never changed.  He is a great example of a player who is a late round draft pick.  He’s athletic, but needs time to learn the cornerback position and its nuances.  That is exactly the kind of secondary players we should be drafting right now because we are pretty much set at starters for the secondary.  What we are looking for is depth with room to grow.  Jones provides that.

That’s my first Kansas City Chiefs mock draft.  Go ahead, rip it to shreds.  I’ll even help you get started.  Why no nose tackle?  Why so many offensive players?  If you want answers to those questions and others, ask them in the comments.