Open Mic Night


Take if from me, branding is important.  Instantaneous recognition and association by your target demographic/audience with your brand enhances not only your business, but enhances your product or service for the people looking for it.  With that said, this week at AA we officially launched our branded articles with user submitted artwork.  I personally love my “Nick’s Blitz” logo, and would like to thank Tyler for taking the time to design it for me since I barely know how to use the internets, let alone photoshop.  Thank you to everyone who took time to help make this site even better, we are all very thrilled with the submissions and are in your debt.

This week Big Matt turned his grading powers to the Chiefs coaching staff, while Victor came down with a case of Pro Bowl fever after more and more Chiefs were named to the roster.  I posted that I think the Chiefs have an “identity crisis,” and Merlin compared KC fans to, yes, Yankee fans wondering who we would be willing to live with in absence of an all Pro Bowl team.  Finally Jeremy brought up the horror of the Chiefs 41 year Super Bowl drought and voiced his frustration with fair weather fans of Super Bowl teams.  Jeremy, if you want to watch a Chiefs Super Bowl in a room alone, then I’d like to be in the room with you.  Just kidding, that would be a little weird.

So Addicts, what do you want to talk about?  I know a lot of you are fresh off of spitting venom at Double D for his article saying the Chiefs need to hire Jeff Fisher, and it’s cool, he can take it.  Just a couple of thoughts before I’m out.  Which Chiefs are you most looking forward to see play during the Pro Bowl?  Do you like the idea of having the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl, seeing now that it has helped a couple of our guys out?  That’s all I got, have a good night!