My Chief Concerns: A Super Bitter Bowl Party


January 11, 1970 was the last time the Kansas City Chiefs were in the Super Bowl (they won).  That was the 1969 season and that was 41 years ago.

I was born in Kansas in October of 1971.  I am 39 years old.  My entire life, (for as long as I can remember), I have been a Chiefs fan.  These last few years, thanks to the internet and specifically this site, I, presumably like you, have become a very rabid Chiefs fan.  Sadly, I go to Super Bowl parties year in and year out and have to watch other teams and their “fair weather fans” enjoy themselves.  They proudly beat their chest and boldly proclaim how they love their current team when they do not even know who their back-up quarterback is.  I am not proud to admit it, but it kind of pisses me off.  Seeing an acquaintance’s wife spew wildly that she loves player “so and so” and that “no one can stop him” when she does not even know what a “false start” penalty is really chaps my hide.  Hearing a supposedly devout fan mispronounce the name of his star player makes me sick too (true story).  Even better is the fair weather fan who asks “Why isn’t so and so playing?” when that player retired last season or went to another team.  It makes a true devout fan just plain sick. So when you see one of these fans at your Super Bowl party, please know your are not alone in your disgust.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love watching the Super Bowl.  I just prefer to watch it with people who know the game, respect the game, and have their own true team.  People just like you/us.

Will the Chiefs ever make it to the big game again?  I do not know.  It has been a long 41 year drought.  Statistically, I have about 39 more years to live (projected life expectancy of 78).  I feel extremely sorry for any 39 year old Chiefs fan who back in 1970 thought the Chiefs would make it back at least one more time before he died (statistically speaking).  It didn’t happen.  I hope I am not one of those fans myself.

As sad as it may sound, my only wish is that the Kansas City Chiefs make it back to the big game and win.  I have told all of my best friends, that if and when that day comes, I will be watching that game in a room all by myself.  Go ahead and laugh, but I don’t want anyone ruining potentially one of the greatest days of my life (if we ever get there).