Report: Carson Palmer Will Demand Trade From Bengals

facebooktwitterreddit is reporting that Bengals QB Carson Palmer plans to request to be traded by the Cincinnati Bengals and will threaten retirement if his demands are not met.

The Kansas City Chiefs appear to have found their man in QB Matt Cassel, at least for 2011, however there are other teams in the division that are unsettled at QB that could be interested in Palmer.

Raiders owner Al Davis appears to be in love with Jason Campbell but he is also known to be a crazy old codger with a weakness for over the hill big name stars and fast receivers who can’t catch. Davis may be saying publicly that he is behind Campbell but if he thinks Carson Palmer is a better QB i wouldn’t be surprised to see him flush Campbell down the toilet and trade away picks to the Bengals for Palmer.

Is it a long shot?

No. Not with Al Davis. As long as Al Davis is running the Raiders, Ronald McDonald playing QB for Oakland isn’t a long shot.

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The other team that could potentially bite on Palmer is the Denver Broncos. They do have Tim Tebow  but if the new coaching staff feels Tebow needs another 5 years or so to get ready to play in the NFL, they might want to bring in a veteran like Palmer in an effort to turn things around quickly. The odds are long here but then again, I would have said the same thing about the Broncos trading Jay Cutler for Kyle Orton.

Palmer was picked int he first round of the 2003 draft by the Bengals. He appeared to be on the road to stardom in 2005 but he suffered a serious knee injury early in a playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Since the injury, Palmer has had a few up and down seasons and has developed a bum elbow. This may be his last chance to get the hell out of Cincinnati to make something of his career so I can’t blame him for trying.

If Palmer is really serious about retiring the Bengals might as well go ahead and trade him so they can get something back for the QB. They hold the 4th round pick in this year’s draft so they could potentially take a run at getting another franchise QB.

What do you think Addicts? Will Palmer get his trade and if so, where will he land?